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Jun 15, 2019 |
Visiting No. 15 Liumagou: Memory ‧ Place ‧ Narrative

Jun. 15th 2019 – Sep. 15th 2019

“No. 15 Liumagou" was once the location of the common domicile of political victims detained on Green Island. Today, however, the address can’t be found in the postal system or on a map. Therefore, how can we start the voyage of discovery to explore this place “that-has-been” (ça-a-été)?

The 2019 Green Island Human Rights Art Festival, "Visit No.15 Liumagou",  is intended to explore this place “that-has-been” in the three different perspectives of memory, place and narrative to build the construction of relational subjectivity based on the approach of “using the Other’s gaze as a mirror”, to focus on the memories of different subjects to embed them in a dialectical pluralism of the concept of the place of “No.15 Liumagou” to strengthen the function of political and ethical transformation created by the becoming of the place. All the artists try to re-explore a critical, autonomous, and emancipatory spectrum of narratives between reality and imagination.

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Visiting No. 15 Liumagou: Memory ‧ Place ‧ Narrative
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