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National Human Rights Museum

Academic Collection and Audio-Visual Services

National Human Rights Museum has a comprehensive collection of White Terror-related books, archives, research results, and oral history AV records along with Human Rights Education Center and several reading rooms. The museum also organizes human rights-related speeches and workshops.

Be in the Scene and See for Yourself

With help of interactive films, miniatures, and regular and special exhibitions, one can experience and witness political prisoners’ lives during the White Terror period in the original buildings. Free audio guides are available at the Tourist Service Center.

Our Missions Are

- Reflections on the Past: Learn the history of human rights violations.
- Lesson Learned: Never repeat human rights violations and freedom deprivation.
- Looking Ahead: Support human rights issues, promote human rights ideals, and realize universal values to safeguard democracy and human rights.

Jing-Mei White Terror Memorial Park

Next to Xiulang Bridge, Xindian, the site used to be the Military Justice Academy campus; and later became the location of security agencies' detention center and military courts. During the White Terror period, political prisoners were detained, prosecuted, tried and imprisoned here. The Formosa Incident (Kaohsiung Incident) trial of 1980 was held in the First Court.

The Ren-Ai Building was where political prisoners were detained and the First Court and the Military Court were where they were tried. Exhibitions in the barracks can offer visitors a glimpse of life during the White Terror period, while in the Ren-Ai Building, visitors can explore the states of mind of political prisoners with the help of different themes.

Green Island White Terror Memorial Park

The 32-hectare plot in the northeast corner of the Green Island, isolated on the sea, was Vagrants Shelter during Japanese colonial rule; and it became a major prison in the White Terror period immediately after the KMT regime was exiled to Taiwan in 1949. New Life Correction Center and Oasis Villa were set to confine political prisoners. When martial law was lifted, it became Green Island Prison under the Ministry of Justice and then the military's moral training center for offenders.

Green Island White Terror Memorial Park used to be a prison for political prisoners. This past makes it a "negative tourism" site that induces reflection on human values. Visiting this park, people from home and abroad enjoy its natural setting but witness Taiwan's hard road to democracy.

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