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Forming National Human Rights Museum

The New Life Correction of the Taiwan Provincial Security Command, the Green Island Correction Prison of the Ministry of National Defense, and the Xindian Ershizhang Jing-Mei Military Detention Center, where suspects were charged, tried, and detained, have been transformed into the White Terror Memorial Parks after several years of renovation (Green Island Human Rights Memorial Park and Jing-Mei Human Rights Cultural Park were opened in 2002 and 2007 respectively, and the National Human Rights Museum Preparatory Office was founded in 2011). The Preparatory Office completed the preliminary collection of victims' artifacts and historical materials and started human rights education after six years of preparation.

The two parks have since been transformed into White Terror memorial parks, witnessing Taiwan’s human rights development and forming an indispensable part of national memory.

The National Human Rights Museum Organization Bill was presented to the Legislative Yuan in Oct. 2017. The Legislative Yuan approved the bill on Nov. 28th and the President promulgated the law on Dec. 13th, which took effect on Mar. 15th, 2018. The inauguration of the National Human Rights Museum testifies that Taiwan has become a democratic, liberal society that safeguards human rights and dares to recognize past victims of political persecution.

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