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Nov 21, 2020 |
2020 Human Rights Festival

Nov. 21st 2020 –  Dec. 6th 2020

Between International Children’s Rights Day on November 20th and the "Human Rights Day" on December 10th, the National Human Rights Museum held the 2020 Human Rights Festival. With more comprehensive and diverse art performances, including dance, music, dramas, poems, lectures, videos, parent-child activities, and related activities, NHRM tried to engage human rights, art, and life with the general public. Presenting the core values of contemporary human rights to the audience, encouraging diverse participation in human rights issues, NHRM hoped to promote cross-generation, cross-field exchange, and communication.


The curator stated that the title of 2020 Human Rights Festival: From Frost to Qingming was to commemorate the moment of Frost 70 years ago, November 29th, 1950. It was the end of the autumn, which was the first batch of National Taiwan University and Normal University students were executed.


The performance venue of From Frost to Qingming was not only in the Jingmei White Terror Memorial Park but also in the Shuiyuan Campus of National Taiwan University, one of the historic sights, where history happened is overlaid in the life of today.




  • 2020人權藝術生活節_海報
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